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I ran into a weird situation today. Active Record objects stored in vars are removed when I switched from one tenant to another on the fly. This will create a weird test-failing scenario and you never know why its happening. def switch(name) yield(name) end @customers = [1,2,3] switch(‘shiva’) do |name| puts name puts @customers end […]

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Memory Management In C 

ShivaShiva Bhusal (CTO) 2 Min. Read Sep 10, 2018
 C Memory Management Calloc Malloc

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You will get to know how to install and configure nginx to serve multiple rails app from the same server.
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You might have read and experienced that you can either return the value itself or the pointers to global objects. However, you cannot return references to any of the local variables. If you have wondered why, then you are about to read the reason and process to return local references.
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