You will get to know how to install and configure nginx to serve multiple rails app from the same server.
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You might have read and experienced that you can either return the value itself or the pointers to global objects. However, you cannot return references to any of the local variables. If you have wondered why, then you are about to read the reason and process to return local references.
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Installing Monit 

ShivaShiva Bhusal (Software Engineer) 3 Min. Read Sep 2, 2017
 Monit WebUI Rails Sidekiq PostGres

Keep your daemons always up and running. Monit barks at the daemons.
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Configure Rails Admin With I18n 

ShivaShiva Bhusal (Software Engineer) 1 Min. Read Aug 8, 2017
 Ruby On Rails Ruby On Rails Admin Configure I18n

By default, its not that easy to configure your application with i18n. If you wish to support your local language like `esp`, `np`, `hi`, `mx`, etc. you need to follow the steps i tell you.
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Most of us have come across with **C language** during the first couple of semesters in Engineering or IT degree; or some of us might use C in daily life for living. I have found some exciting features of C which I would like to share.
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Installing Ruby RVM is the best Tool to manage multiple versions in your system. # Update your package manager first: $ sudo apt-get update # Install dependencies for ruby # This installs CURL, Git and other dependencies sudo apt-get install git-core curl zlib1g-dev build-essential libssl-dev libreadline-dev libyaml-dev libsqlite3-dev sqlite3 libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev python-software-properties sudo apt-get […]

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Ruby On Rails: Problem Related To Routingy 

ShivaShiva Bhusal (Software Engineer) 1 Min. Read Oct 9, 2014
 Rails Ruby JS Proposal routingy

Problem I have to edit a proposal among many proposals. When we click edit button a popup appears with all fields filled. There is a button ‘Verify’ to preview the proposal before sending to client via Email. Suppose URL to edit proposal is proposals/:id/edit  It shows a popup with all fields filled and a ‘Send’ and […]

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Though they look and sound similar, there is significant difference between these method. Some forcefully update the record where some only set the attributes but do not send the query to the database.

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Jquery Date Picker: Disable Previous Date 

ShivaShiva Bhusal (Software Engineer) 0 Min. Read Oct 7, 2014
 Rails Ruby JS

To disable the user to select dates earlier than a date, you need to create a Date object of your barrier date as follows #Create a Date Object barrierDate = new Date(“2014/02/12”); #Apply datepicker to a field #You can also set format of date you prefer $(‘#idOfDateField’).datepicker({minDate: barrierDate});

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Accessing Elements Outside Of I Frame Using J Query 

ShivaShiva Bhusal (Software Engineer) 0 Min. Read Sep 30, 2014
 Rails Ruby JS iFrame Access

window.parent gives you access to the Parent document of iFrame. This code is supposed to be accessed inside of iframe
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