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The Ruby-JS project

All Ruby `String` and `Array` methods available in JS `String` and `Array` objects.


html script src="" "1234".to_i() // 1234 "1234.35".to_f() // 1234.35 "shiva bhusal".start_with_('shi') // true "shiva bhusal".start_with_('hi') // false

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Erika Slideshow Maker

A Commandline tool to generate slideshow-videos from images in a folder.


Please make sure you install FFMPEG library in your machine before using this gem.

$ gem install erika


$ erika g -s birthday -o mybirthday.mp4

Hulaki Messenger

A Commandline tool to search contacts and send Emails and SMS from one command.

Hulaki is a CLI tool to search contact details from your CSV file and sending easy SMS and Emails with single command.

Hulaki makes communication easier by providing ability to search through the contact list. The CLI tool also allows sending direct SMS and/or email to desired person in contact list



$ hulaki -s search-string


A JS Library to make it easier to integrate Maps to your websites.

The purpose of this library is to combine features of google map such as map,marker and corresponding info window rendering to a single API call. This simplifiesimplementing google map into your project while not having to remember all theassociated API calls provided by it. Just include the script tag into your projectand initialize and object of ideaMap class with appropriate parameters whilerendering the map. While instantiating the ideaMap class, there are certain parametersthat you need to pass according to your requirement. Let’s go over them: Here, we’ve passed in an object while initializing the ma


TDD Guide in Ruby

TDD guide for Software Engineers in OOP

A Command-Line tool to adjust your movie subtitle files. Its a common issuethat while playing movies audio and subtitle do not sync up. Normally it lags/gainsby a few seconds/milliseconds. Using Subjuster You will be able to adjust and generatea new subtitle file.

My Contribution to Popular Libraries


Ruby Gems

A package management framework for Ruby.

A package (also known as a library) contains a set of functionality that can be invoked by a Ruby program, such as reading and parsing an XML file. We call these packages "gems" and RubyGems is a tool to install, create, manage and load these packages in your Ruby environment.

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Ruby On Rails

An opinionated Web Framework for Ruby.

Rails is a web-application framework that includes everything needed to createdatabase-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. Understanding the MVC pattern is key to understanding Rails. MVC divides your applicationinto three layers: Model, View, and Controller, each with a specific responsibility.

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